Larry R. Faulkner, UT President

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A tribute honoring Larry R. Faulkner

27th President, The University of Texas at Austin

Tribute Donated by The University Leadership Council

Thank you for your clarity of vision and superb leadership. You have raised the standard of excellence at an institution that has been successful and revered for more than 120 years, giving the The University of Texas remarkable stability and status among the best in the nation. You accomplished great things through imagination, wise planning, personal integrity, and an admirable dedication that has inspired the entire UT family. Your dignified, collegial style and humor have won countless supporters among students, faculty and staff members, administrators, alumni, and the public at large. And you have exhibited that rare gift among leaders -- the ability to effectively manage a large and complex institution while infusing the place with energy, spirit, and character. You will leave the State of Texas with a university that is stronger and poised for a magnificent future, which will be built upon your extraordinary legacy. Thank you, Mr. President.

Donated on April 30, 2016.