John and Katherine Jackson

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A tribute remembering John and Katherine Jackson

Life Partners, Investors in Texas

Tribute Donated by The University of Texas Geology Foundation

John and Katie Jackson were native Texans, life partners, and generous investors in the future of Texas. A 1940 geology graduate, Jack had a keen insight of land and was a knowing observer of people. Katie was an educator who combined grace and poise with the ability to get things done.

The couple created fellowships in Geology and contributed $15 million to expand the Geology Building. In appreciation of a $25 million gift 2001, the John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences was established. The School is permanent recognition of their extraordinary support.

Jack died in 2003, leaving his and Katie's $232 million estate to UT to support the earth sciences. The Jacksons insisted they were investors, not givers.

Donated on May 1, 2006.